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Welcome to Alchemy Therapy and Wellness

It's so lovely to have you here.

About Me

My name is Alexis. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New Jersey. The name Alexis means defender and protector; for as long as I can remember, the meaning of my name has fit my personality. I’ve always had an innate desire to help, support, and empower others. As a child, I was interested in pursuing a career as a pediatrician. Life had other plans for me when I became sick with a chronic, invisible illness for all of my high school and much of my college experiences. Although my passion for helping had not wavered, I realized I wanted to support and empower others in a different way. I was inspired to pursue a career in social work after experiencing how my own therapist supported me during that time. Professionally, I’ve worked in settings, such as adolescent psychiatric centers, adult inpatient psychiatric hospitals, various school settings, and private practice. Given my experiences, I approach the therapeutic relationship with empathy, respect, curiosity, and compassion.

​As a human, some of my core values are compassion, respect, kindness, curiosity, and humor. As a therapist, the same values apply. Having my own unique experiences around health, life, death, and relationships of all kinds, I recognize the human experience as a dance of challenge and ease, engaging and releasing, retreating inward and expanding outward, and beginnings and endings. Although I deeply empathize with my clients as they share their vulnerabilities, I don’t make assumptions about someone’s experience but instead approach each client’s story and background with a tender curiosity.


​Everyone has a story. I believe people are deserving of a safe space to be genuinely seen and heard. I am here to support and empower my clients in their growth and fulfillment as they navigate their own unique journey through life. Although I work with clients of most ages and all backgrounds, many of my clients are Millennial and Gen Z adults who want to discover and connect with themselves on a deeper level as they experience the full spectrum of the human experience. When applicable, I provide my clients with resources such as podcasts, inspiring social media accounts, and book recommendations. Most sessions are a conversational space to process thoughts and emotions, while other appointments are more structured around learning concrete coping and communication techniques. Every session is enveloped in respect and compassion.

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